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Hripsime had a bautiful exhibition in Bucharest, a few


months ago, held at the Armenian Embassy in Bucharest. We


had the honor to participate and since we loved her art works


we decided to present this wonderful artist to our audience


through the following interview:

1. When was the first time that you knew you will be a  
painter and how did you fall in love with painting?  

I have had two choices concerning my future profession since


my school years. My mother is a doctor and my father is an


artist. Therefore I was equally interested in both painting and


medicine. However one day I understood that painting was


dear to my heart and and now every day I keep making sure


that I have made a right choice. I feel cozy and comfortable in


the world of colors and every single day I deal with beauty. I


am captured by artwork creating process more and more. I


discover new horizons with my palette and I am obliged to my


father for planting the seeds of love towards painting in me.


2. What inspires you the most?                                             

I am mainly inspired by music. I am fond of jazz and rock. I


love sun and nature especially autumn with its colors and


also human warmth and people’s smile.                                                     


3. What saddens you the most?                                                      

False people and untidy environment can sadden me most of


all. There are also people who aren’t delicate, they can hurt


you and, being a sensitive artist, I can be easily offended and


soon forget all this.                                                                          


4. Who is your favorite artist and do you use his/her work  
as an inspiration?                                                                                                                                                    

I have some favorite artists among both Armenian painters


and international ones. However I love each painter for his


individuality: Renoir for his softness and gentleness, Dali for


his sharp thought, Picasso for his courage and bravery, Gustav


Klimt for his unlimited sensitivity. The last mentioned has


captured me and having seen his original painting „Kiss” in


The Belvedere Museum in Vienna I was deeply impressed and


that feeling didn’t leave me for a long time. And all other


kisses faded for a while beside Klimt’s masterpiece. I was also


deeply impressed by Rodin’s „Kiss”.                                                

Sensitivity unfolded in colors
- Hripsime Margaryan
Hripsime Margaryan was born in 1975 in Yerevan  
in the artistic family of Volodya Margaryan. In  
1992 Hripsime graduated from the school N 56  
and N 1 Art school in Yerevan. During 1992-1993  
she studied in the Open University of Armenia in  
the department of fashion design. She was  
involved at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts,  
Yerevan, Armenia (1992-1998). Since 1998  
Hripsime Margaryan is a member of Armenian  
Designers Union, Member of the International  
Designers’ Association (1998), Member of the  
Artist’s Union of Armenia (1999), Member of the  
International Association of Art (UNESCO, 1999).

During 1998 - 2000 Margaryan was graphic  
designer in advertising agencies „Azd”,  
„Paradise”, „Arlita”, from 2001 - 2003 she issued  
labels on wine and brandy at the Gharabagh Gold  
factory and Yerevan Champagne Wines Factory,  
from 2008-2009 she worked at the concert and  
sports complex named after Karen Demirchyan as  
an interior design. Since 2012 she is the director  
of the Valmar Art Gallery.

In 2014 Hripsime Margaryan’s works were
included in the design of the disc of piano works
by Alan Hovhannes. Since 2015 she has been a
professor of drawing and painting at the
Department of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture of
the National University of Architecture and
Construction. In 2016 She worked on the design
of the cover of the book „Smoldering yearning” by
Mushegh Babayan.
5. Which is your favorite art work from the ones you  
painted? Why?                                                                                     
Really I have some favorite artworks. They are very near and  
dear to my heart. They are exhibited in our „Valmar Art  
Gallery”. The following artworks are among them: „Flight”,  
„Missing”, „Firework” and they are considered to be the  
unique reflection of my emotions. These artworks aren’t for  
sale as well as „Paris” which reflects the memory and my  
impressions from my Parisian tour.                                                                                

6. As a world peace militant, taking into consideration the  
intriguing situation all over the world, what do you think  
could help us restore world peace?                                             
I have been involved in „Women In Art For Peace”  
international project for a few years. In my opinion when a  
person lives and is brought up in art, is fond of it and  
appreciates it, all this will make humans to be kinder and  
more tolerant. Nowadays our planet needs peace indeed. All  
people should do their best in order to help and contribute. My  
support is my optimistic artworks. I paint them and think they  
warm people’s heart and soul for a while and give them  
opportunity to think and imagine.                                                                                   

7. What other exhibitions do you have planned for the  
In near future we are planning to have a common exhibition  
in the USA with my father Valmar, National Artist of the  
Republic of Armenia. I am going to display 20 of my graphic  
works. I also take part in various group exhibitions and  
festivals both in Armenia and abroad. Sometimes I deal with  
different design work.                                                                                         

8. Do you have a message for your Romanian admirers?           
I have warm memories and good impressions from my  
exhibition in Romania. I loved beautiful Bucharest with its  
rich architecture and culture. Both city and local people were  
warm and willing. I am very pleased and proud that  
Armenians have had their contribution in cultural and public  
life of Romania. We also noticed that Armenian community is  
accepted and beloved by Romania. My exhibition having been  
organized with the support of Embassy of Armenia gave me an  
opportunity to explore your country. I hope for having a chance  
to come back.

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